This was on a MacBook Pro (Powerbook G4 – Early 2008 model) running Leopard.

I went through the bootcamp procedure, and chose to install Windows.
I carved out 50GB of the 200GB drive.
Installed Fedora 10 on that partition.
I installed the boot loader on the partition, NOT the MBR.
I found that it would always boot up Fedora at that point.
I thought that I had messed up the boot record at that point, so I tried to boot of the CD.
That was when I discovered the “Hold down C at boot to force boot off CD.”
I did a repair on my MacOSX partition. All checked out fine, as I had expected.
Then, I discovered the “Hold down the “option” key at boot to view all your boot options.
There they were “MacOSX” and “Windows”.

I am currently using this to boot the different operating systems.