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How to disable Netbios on MacOSX (Leopard)

vi /etc/smb.conf

disable netbios = yes
smb ports = 445

Stop nmbd:

launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/nmbd.plist

Note: You may need to do the launchctl command a couple times. Not sure why but it did not always stop nmbd. Below is a portion of the nmbd.plist file. If set correctly to disable Netbios, you will see the KeepAlive instead of Enabled (the default).


How to re-create the Show Desktop icon in the Quick Tray in Windows XP.

Create a file called “Show Desktop.scf.”


Right mouse click and drag the file to your Quick Launch bar and release. Select move.

Samba: joining a Windows Domain.


Samba Joining a Domain

Resizing images via linux command line or script.

Make sure ImageMagick is installed. The convert command is part of the ImageMagick installation.

convert -geometry 240×160 filename newfilename

The following will resize several images in a script:

for x in $(ls)
convert -geometry 240×160 $x new-$x

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