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Timestamp and lftp

I was using lftp to get a file and do a local listing of the transferred file. The timestamp was days off when I used “local ls”. With some experimentation, I was able to find that if I pass the command a switch I could get the file creation time.

This is what I used:

lftp> local ls -cl

Internet Explorer Group Policy not changing.

I was trying to change the home page policy and the proxy settings for Internet Explorer 11. I had looked at this a couple times but did not resolve the issue. I even started looking toward a registry option when I knew that this had to work. It turns out that is something really stupid, and has been the case for a long time. I just needed to hit the F6 key while the cursor was still on the changed setting. Then, you will see the red line under the setting go from red to green. It turns out that there are few function keys are important so I will note them here.

F5: This will configure and update of the settings.
F6: This will update only the setting you are currently positioned on.
F7: This will ignore only the setting you are currently positioned on.
F8: This will ignore all changes.

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