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Windows NT 4.0/2000/2003 Server file system performance tweak

I made this modification on an HP DL-360 with dual 1.3 GHz processors, 2GB of memory, and RAID 1 drive (two drives mirrored). It made a huge improvement accessing a directory with a lot of files. According to Microsoft (, ), the setting is increased in Windows 2003. I set in my NT 4.0 server to 16,644.

The SizReqBuf value is stored in the registry under the following registry key:
Value Name: SizReqBuf
Data Type : REG_DWORD
Data : 512 – 65535 (bytes in decimal, or 200 – FFFF hexadecimal)
Default : 4356 Specifies the size of request buffers that the server uses.


MacOSX update from the command line.

You can use the softwareupdate command to install updates from a Terminal session. I used this on Leopard.

softwareupdate -i -a #To install all.

softwareupdate -l #To list available updates.

How to Hard Reset a T-Mobile Dash

Select Start/Accessories/Clear Storage
Enter 1234
Select Yes


Turn the phone off
Press and hold the dashes to the left and right of the red and green phone buttons.
Press and hold the power button for a couple seconds while holding the buttons above.
Release the keys.
You will be prompted you to clear storage.


How to mount an iso, dmg or other image in MacOSX

From a terminal session:

hdiutil mount filename

hdiutil attach dmgfilename

From what I can tell, this is similar to just double clicking on the filename from Finder.

The image file is then mounted at /Volumes/imagelabel.

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