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Look at several files in different subdirectories.

I found this to be a good way to look at many files with the same name in different subdirectories in linux.

find . -name filename.txt -exec less {} \;

To manage a VMware virtual server from the command line.

This works in VMware server 1.0.x for linux.

Check status (up or down):
vmware-cmd /pathtoyourvmxfile/vmxfile.vmx getstate

Start virtual server:
vmware-cmd /pathtoyourvmxfile/vmxfile.vmx start

Shutdown virtual server:
vmware-cmd /pathtoyourvmxfile/vmxfile.vmx stop

Windows – modify users profile – ntuser.dat.

You need to make sure the user is logged out before doing this.

1) Run regedit
3) Load Hive # navigate to the ntuser.dat you want to load.
4) Make changes.
5) Unload Hive

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