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Awk and cases

Good stuff here. I always like to pick up these little things along the way.

If you want to change the case of a string using awk:
Lower case:

$ echo myuppercasestring | awk ‘{print tolower($1)}’

Upper case:

$ echo mylowercasestring | awk ‘{print toupper($1)}’

I used something like this to create little of commands to rename a bunch of upper case file names to lower case file names:

$ ls -c1 | awk ‘{print “mv ” $1 ” ” tolower($1)}’

CentOS 7 – package conflict during update.

I was having trouble getting the most recently installed kernel to boot (not the latest release in the repository). It just immediately crashed like it was a grub issue. So, I decided to update the server to an even later kernel, since it is not really a production server.

However, when I did I kept getting the following conflict message:

Error: kernel conflicts with kmod-20-8.el7_2.x86_64

This what took care of the issue for me:

After running this command, I discovered that it was not an issue with an incomplete installation during my last updates.

# yum-complete-transaction –cleanup-only

Then, I ran the following, which removed a lot of duplicate packages:

package-cleanup –cleandupes

Then, I updated the server again:

# yum -y update

Rebooted the latest kernel in the repository without any issues.

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