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Dealing with daa image files using poweriso.

Download poweriso from If you are using linux, the download is a tarball. I extracted the one and only file from the tarball (poweriso).

Sample commands:

List contents:
poweriso list /path-to-daa-file /

List contents recursively:
poweriso list /path-to-daa-file / -r

poweriso extract /path-to-daa-file / -od /path-to-destination-directory

poweriso convert /path-to-daa-file -o /path-to-destination-iso-file -ot iso

How to determine package containing a perl module.

If you get the following kind of error when using a problem that has some perl module dependencies, you can get the following type of error if you are missing one of the dependencies.

“Can’t locate XX/YYYYYY/ in @INC …”

Use the following to determine the package that contains the module:

yum whatprovides ‘perl(XX::YYYYYY::ZZZZ)’

It should work in newer Fedora/CentOS/Redhat releases.

MacOS gcc compiler installation

Download and install the Xcode Tools from the Apple Developer Connection website (

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