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Using hping to send a upd ping.

hping2 –udp -p portnumber ipaddress -d packetbodysize

I used the following to verify a DNS listening.

hping2 –udp -p 53 -d 50

Linux as print server for Tru64.

I used the following configuration to use a CentOS 5.3 server as a print server for Tru64. Note: I used this solution for testing purposes, because some Tru64 print jobs were stopping in the middle of the job, when the job was sent directly to the printer.

On the CentOS server, I had a printer set up and working via CUPS. I started cups-lpd by using ntsysv and service xinetd reload.

On the Tru64, I created an /etc/printcap entry similar to the following:



New look

This week I decided to tackle changing the look to the site. Basically, I am still using the Connections theme developed by vanillamist. I just decided to make it my own. I am not quite done, but so far I like it. Maybe someday, I will try create my own. I just very rarely have time for something that would require that much time, especially, with my lack of strong php and graphics skills.

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