Here we go again. A completely different way to configure the network using netplan. I used the following on an Ubuntu 18.x LTS server to configure the static IP address:

$ cd /etc/netplan

If this directory, there will be a yaml file. I have seen this have a couple different names, but it has always been the only file in the directory. In this case, the file was named: 00-installer-config.yaml

If you brought the machine using DHCP, you need to change the “dhcp4: yes” line to “dhcpv: no”. Below, is an example setting the IP address, mask via the CIDR designation (subnet bits) after the IP address, the gateway, the nameservers and a search domain.

$ sudo vi 00-installer-config.yaml

dhcp4: no
addresses: [aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd/mm]
gateway4: eee.fff.ggg.hhh
addresses: [,]
search: [my.domain, my.otherdomain]
version: 2

Note: Make sure you do the following from the console, if modifying the IP address.
Apply the configuration:
$ sudo netplan apply