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Reset/remove Windows 10 policies

If you need to reset policies on a Windows 10 machine, back to the defaults you can do the following from an elevated command prompt:

To reset the Local Policies:

C:\Windows\system32>setedit /configure /cfg C:\Windows\Inf\defltbase.inf /db C:\Windows\defltbase.sdb

Reset Group Policies by removing the following directories. This file remove the directories with prompting to remove the directory tree as well:

C:\Windows\system32>rmdir /S /Q c:\windows\system32\GroupPolicyUsers
C:\Windows\system32>rmdir /S /Q c:\windows\system32\GroupPolicy

Set Windows Update Proxy Settings via Command Line

I was having trouble with updates on server. It was complaining about the proxy settings. So, I wanted to have the Windows Update use a different proxy configuration. The following commands can be used to manage the proxy settings from the command line:

Display the current settings:

netsh winhttp show proxy

Set the proxy:

netsh winhttp set proxy proxyservername:portnumber

Set proxy and bypass options:

netsh winhttp set proxy proxy-server=”proxyservername:portnumber” bypass-list=”*.mylocal.domain”

And then, when you really screw something up and just want to start over. Reset:

netsh winhttp reset proxy

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