New-InboxRule in EMS has many options. I have just listed a very simple example here. Get-Help New-InboxRule is your friend.
This will set a rule to delete any email sent to this mailbox:

New-InboxRule -Mailbox mailbox -Name “rulename” -Delete $true

Get-Contant by itself will list all contacts. If you pass Get-Contact a contact name, it will only return that contact:

Get-Contact “contactname

To list a particular rule for a particular mailbox:

Get-InboxRule -Mailbox mailbox -Identity “rulename

To disable a rule for a mailbox:

Disable-InboxRule -Mailbox mailbox -Identity “rulename

To enable a rule for a mailbox:

Enable-InboxRule -Mailbox mailbox -Identity “rulename

To get list of your command history. This is dependent on the $MaximumHistoryCount variable. I think the default is 32.