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Inital @HPCloud observations.

I posted my initial thoughts or observations about @hpcloud as a comment on my google+ account.

Updated my theme.

Tonight I finally got around to Readhanging the site a little. I have gone with a new theme to take advantage of some of the updates. Also, I finally got my twitter link on the site. Next, Facebook and Tumblr.

Garmin Forerunner 305 reset.

To reset a Garmin Forerunner 305:

Hold the Mode, Reset and Power buttons at the same time for 3 seconds.

This has helped me to get the device to turn on. This has only happened to mine while in the charger. It has happened about five times in the last two or three years.

Test Tweet with Yourls

Testing after yourls upgrade.

Yourls restored.

I ended up having to just restore the old files. Someday when I get more time, I will figure out what is wrong. I believe the plugin is too new for the version of Yourls I am running (1.2).

YOURLS plugin after upgrade.

I am having trouble with the yourls plugin for WordPress, since I updated it this morning. It keeps saying the username or password is incorrect despite manually verifying them. Might have to test sending some tweets. Sorry.

More AT&T, iPhone musings.

Recently, I was up in the heart of San Francisco. As somebody who lives about 15 miles north of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles and gets ok AT&T/iPhone service, I have to say that I think that people that are complaining in the Bay Area are a bunch of spoiled, whining babies. From every corner of the city, I was amazed by the great service I was getting compared to what I get at home. Just goes to show you, it is all relative. Come to Santa Clarita Valley and then you guys might have something to complain about.

iPhone 4 and iPhone3Gs

Got my iPhone4 on Wednesday (6/23/2010), so I spent the previous weekend jailbreaking and unlocking my 3Gs. Unfortunately, I used Spirit to jailbreak my 3.1.3 iPhone3Gs with the 05.21.01 baseband and it was the first time I did jailbreak the phone. So I was unable to update it to IOS4. I need it be unlocked to work on Tmobile. Nonetheless, using it was better than I thought it would be, but the signal in my home is really weak unless I am upstairs. I am keeping an eye out to figure out how I can update it to IOS4 and unlock it.

By the way, I like the new phone a lot. I had issues getting it ordered, but I only did it through Apple. And I have to say to everybody that was complaining about AT&T, Apple had their own issues too. A lot of the time was when it was verifying my AT&T account, but there were other times when it was all Apple. I was able to get my order processed at about 5pm Pacific time.

My only issues so far have been the sharp edges. I hate having to use a case, but I think I going to have to. Also, I have noticed the signal degredation, when holding the phone in my left hand, which I do all the time. The case should help with that too.

Now supporting mobile devices.

I installed the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin, so now the site can be easily read from a mobile device. It gets me to the information pretty quickly. It even supports search. Works fine from my phone, although I like the WordPress mobile application better to create new posts.

Updated my blog to use Yourls plugin.

This looks like is could be a pretty interesting plugin. We will see.

Well, my first attempt at this did not work so well. I have my own domain ( and I am now trying to use it.

Well, at least I got yourls to work. However, I still having trouble getting the twitter plugin to work.

All right, I got this to work. The version I installed today worked fine with my yourls installation using my own shortened url. Cool stuff.

I used the the version 1.2.1 of the plugin ( This is the one that worked for me.

I downloaded and installed yourls from
I downloaded and installed t he yourls WordPress plugin from

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