Well, at least I was patient enough to wait until the panic died down about version 1.0.0 of evasi0n for IOS 7. My first attempt with 1.0.1 did not go too good. I ended up cutting my loses and restoring. I believe that part of my problem was that I did not have 7.0.4 installed. Other possible mistakes made: had the phone plugged in before firing up evasi0n, did not kill any applications, and did not restart my phone before like I ususally do. Also, I just hooked it up and went for it. As a result, I got stuck on the configuring system 2/2 portion. My response was to kill evasi0n on my computer and try again. Same thing. I rebooted the phone thinking I would definitely have to restore at this point, but I didn’t have too. I deleted the evasi0n icon, killed everything running and rebooted again. Once up, I tried again. It seemed to work this time, until it rebooted and would get stuck on the Apple screen. At this point, I had no choice but to restore. This is when I discovered that I did not have IOS 7.0.4. So, I upgraded and restored, and made sure everything checked out before I more cautiously tried again.

After I restored, I made sure I killed anything I had running/open and I rebooted. Once the phone was rebooted, I started up evasi0n (MacOS Mavericks) and then plugged in the phone. This time everything went flawlessly. When instructed by evasi0n on my computer, I hit the evasi0n icon on my phone. All went well. Note: quite a few reboots with this jailbreak (three or four if I recall).

Turns out I was still a little too early, since the Mobile Substrate had not yet been updated. As a result, pretty much nothing worked. Fortunately, Saurik quickly turned around an update to Mobile Substrate, now called Cydia Substrate. So, between that and PreferenceLoader update and the 3.0-1 update to TetherMe, it looks like I am back in business.