I found myself in the situation where I needed access Citrix user connection information, but the Management Console was not displaying the users. I was in a bit of a bind, and needed to figure out how determine who was logged into what Citrix server in the farm. This led me to the command line.

auditlog – This will display an audit report of all the user logins and logouts. Basically, this queries the Windows event log. There is not /SERVER qualifier, so it looks like this only applies to the server you are logged in to.

There are a number options to the query command. Below are a couple, I have found most useful. All the query commands accept a /SERVER:servername qualifier to view other servers as well.

query farm – This will display all the current servers in the farm.

query process – This will display all the processes for a given user. You can use * to display all the processes on a server.

query user – To display user information.

quser – Displays all the currently connected users on the server. You need to use the /SERVER:servername qualifier to view servers other than the one you are currently logged in to. A simple script can be used to display the users on all the servers.

qwinsta – Display similar information as quser, but not a detailed. For you need to use the /SERVER:servername qualifier as well.

shadow – You use this command to shadow a user. You need to determine the user ID number using one of the query command above.