Note: Definitely backup if you care about anything on your Tab. Also, do not do this if you are not prepared for the worse case scenario (bricking your device).

Note: This was done from a previous rooted installation of Ice Cream Sandwich on a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab. See for those instructions used.

Note: This is early stage stuff and an unofficial CyanogenMod10 release. One known issue I have verified is that the Camera application crashes when using the read camera. That is fine with me, since the camera is so poor that is hardly worth the effort of using.

The key is to have CWM Recovery installed, which I already had per the instructions used in the ICS documentation. Having CWM Recovery already installed meant that I just had to get the CyanogenMod10 ROM download and copied to the Galaxy Tab along with Google Apps.

CyanogenMod10 Samsung Galaxy Tab:

Google App:

Modem.bin downloads:

There any number ways to get the file to your device. I used my USB cable connected to my computer to mount the Tab as USB storage on my computer. I copied the files ( and to the root directory of my Galaxy Tab.

Once copied, you need to boot in CWM Recovery.

Power off the device by holding the Power button and selecting the Power off option.

Once powered off, hold the Volume Up button and the Power button. This is a timing thing. I found if I hold the Voume Up and Power until I see the cyanogen(mod) screen, and then release them and push them again for a moment. However, I don’t think that is the key. I think it is just timing that I have not quite figured out yet. Nonetheless, you will know you are in when you get to the CWM Recovery menu.

First, choose wipe data/factory reset. (Hope you backed if you wanted to keep anything.)

Then, choose “install zip from sdcard.” Then, select “choose zip from sdcard” and browse to the and install it.

Once that is complete, browse to the and install the Google Apps.

Select the “reboot the system now” from the menu to boot Jelly Bean.

So far, I have to say it isn’t bad. I hope to see more nightly builds with significant improvements. I have had a number of locks up and crashes. It seems a little slower than ICS, but I am looking forward to more improvements.

Update 1: The best place to find these UNOFFICIAL nightly builds is

Update 2: Now it is in the official p1 downloads: This is experimental stuff right now, and it has been behaving as such. It seems that I usually have lock up when I am using GPS and downloading at the same time. Had a heck of time when I first tried using the Navigation this weekend.

Update 3: The first official build I used in Update 2 was marked experimental. The very next day I noticed that the ROM for the Galaxy Tab was now officially in the nightly builds. So, I gave it another try. I have been running 10-20120907-NIGHTLY-p1 for five days now. I cannot say how impressed I am with the stability of the build. I have not have to reboot once, or had one lock up. It has been great. The only thing I have noticed is that the Amazon AppStore is slow, but everything else has been decent.